July ’17 Goals

July, we are reunited at last!

Oh July, my favourite month, you are finally here! I love July because I’m a July baby. Hence, the serious love for this particular month! With that realization, I am hitting the 28 this year! How do I feel about adding another year into my life? Well, that’s for another blog post.

Since July is here, I want to make a good use out of all 31 days of them! I need my July to be a good bang as July don’t come very often. Therefore, starting July, I decided to make a list of small goals, which all these goals have very high success rate for me to achieve. This idea of creating list of small, achievable goals came when I was reading Brooke’s blog post, which really inspired me on putting my goals into words.


  • To be more diligent when it comes working at the office.
  • To wake up earlier than usual.
  • Need to do room cleaning once a week.
  • Get a tattoo before July ends.
  • To get the Haruki Murakami’s newly translated book “Men Without Women”, which I just found out it’s already in store here in Kota Kinabalu!


  • Start making real saving because I’m now in a serious relationship so most probably you’ll be hearing wedding bells in the near future. I need to get ready cos my wedding is going to be lit!
  • Less buying things that I don’t really need cos I don’t really need another nude lipstick nor nail polish but that can be a tough one!
  • Need to cut down my expenses to just the primary necessities like my phone bill, car fuel, student loan.
  • Not to overspend at Sandakan & Kuching!


  • Start running at least twice a week.
  • Doing some Freeletics when I’m not doing anything.
  • Need to hydrate even more!
  • Get more sleep. 


  • To at least blog once a week for the whole month.
  • Keep creating new content this month.
  • To finally post my new blog project/series.
  • Hopefully to finally get my own domain before July ends!

I hope I can achieve all the goals that I have for July 2017. My July is going to be pumpin’ and so hectic as I have so many travelling to do! I will be heading to Sandakan next week and on the 15th to the land of the feline *purrr*, Kuching Sarawak for the Rainforest World Music Festival 2017 with some of my girlfriends, mi hermano and for the first time ever, I am travelling with my boyfriend, Clarence. Never travelled with a boyfriend before so I am pretty excited to see how this trip will test our relationship.

I wish everybody to have a great month of July!

Until next post, Jess x


Bye 2016, Hello 2017



I hope it’s still not too late to wish everybody Happy New Year 2017! I am back from blogging hiatus and I hope this commitment of mine is here to stay. One of my resolutions is to be blogging more often like I used to and to make this resolution a success, I have scheduled myself to post something at least twice a week and lets keep our fingers crossed so that I will be committed this time.

2016 has been such a wonderful year to me whereby it was a year of self discovery and I dare to say I loved myself so much last year that I basically did everything that my heart desires while at the same time burnt quite a huge amount cash for those amazing experiences but hey, I absolutely have no regrets for all of it. In the relationship department, I was single the whole year of 2016 (albeit a few misunderstandings with some guys) and I choose to be that way cos I just want a year that I can just focus on loving, splurging and spend time for myself.

As for 2017, I shall keep the same vibe from 2016 that is to live life happily but at the same time I want to achieve even more in 2017, which are to create and to inspire. In fact, I was inspired from reading my friend’s blogpost by setting easy themes/goals and grouping all the resolutions that I have into each goals that I have set so that I can really execute all of them and making my 2017 awesome! So I have finally came up with these 2 themes which are Focused and Creativity.


  • To be more focused on achieving my health goals (eat cleaner, run more and further, keep hydrating)
  • Save more money for future use (travel, new experiences and more travel)
  • Focused more on my own happiness (counting blessings)
  • Spend more time with family and God
  • Looking at the positive side of things
  • To be more organized of my own life



  • Cook more variety (trying out more cuisines)
  • Be more creative in my workout routines (MMA, Boxing)
  • #apictureaday for Instagram
  • Post varied blog contents (fashion, cooking recipes, adventures)
  • Continuing on my poetry project
  • To go for hand lettering workshop
  • Bedroom revamp


Cheers to a happier, prosperous, even more blessings in 2017. Let’s live!!

A new journey…

*takes a deep breath* So here goes..

Hi there and welcome to this humble blog of mine. I believe that first step is the toughest for anything, including to figure out what I wanted to start things off with this blog. I guess I should share what’s up with the decision to create this new blog whereas I already have one in the first place. Well, after a deep thought with heavy consideration and not forgetting endless mugs of coffee, I have decided to have a new blog and with a very heavy heart, I will be abandoning the old one that I have circa 2009.

This decision was indeed a very hard one for me to make as I am a type of person that is easily attach my feelings or emotions with lifeless things, and indeed the old blog definitely has a special place in my heart. The intention to have a new blog has long been lingering since last year and the reason for that is I have lost the excitement in blogging and I believe blogging to the old blog is one of the main reasons that caused that excitement to dim itself. It’s not that I want to point fingers and find anything to put the blame but I guess I just want to keep myself away from the many fond memories that have turned to bad remembrance that I have shared on that blog. I just can’t make myself to delete those posts as they were writings that were honest and emotional, especially posts that are related to my ex. I know this reason might seemed a little dramatic to some people cos yeah those are just postings but to me, they were more than that, they were my heart-pours.

Another reason that also highly affects the decision to have a new blog is because I am now more interested to produce more “mature” contents and the future planning for my blog is  to get its own domain and maybe its own hosting in much later future. If I still continue to post for the old blog, it would not have the vibe that I wanted as the old blog contains all my immature rants in my teen years about hating school, the “I can’t wait to graduate so that I can work and get my own money” type of posts, which irks me but at the same time enjoyable to read and reminisce cos I can’t believe that I was such a dramatic bitch.

So those are the main reasons for this new voyage. I hope that my writing muse will come back strong as I do not want this passion of mine to be M.I.A again and hopefully I can keep up and maintain this blog much better than the old one. x