How I met Clarence, the love of my life and my first impression of him!

Clarence and I decided to be in a relationship exactly on this date, 5 months ago! So hubby, if you are reading this, Happy 5th Monthsary, mon amour!

The reason why I wanted to share with everybody the story of us is because I want to let all of you know that love isn’t dead. Don’t give up on love because I believe that there is a person that you’re destined to be with, there is somebody who is praying for you that one day the two of you WILL cross each other’s paths and then you’ll know that you’ve found each other. So get yourself comfy and please know that I absolutely have no intention in my heart to be boastful about our relationship.

So before I met Clarence, I was single for 1 year and 9 months. Of course during the earlier part of my breakup, the wound is still fresh that it hurts A LOT! But when I moved on, living and loving life, I thought that my heart is ready to be loved again. I did go for a few dates but none of guys that I’ve dated stick or stood up to me. I remember I was having a heart to heart to session with my bestie at work, Esther about how I wanted to be loved and I was ready to be in a ‘real’ationship. I never thought that from that particular heart to heart conversation, it led me to the introduction of Clarence into my life.

A few days (or weeks, I couldn’t remember) after that, Esther told me that she has a friend that she would like to introduce to me. She told me that Clarence is one of her close guy friends back in her hometown, Beaufort and being a curious cat, I asked her to show me his Facebook profile so that I can see how he looks like. She did and my first impression of him is mehhh, normal looking guy, a little old 😅

Esther wanted to introduce us face to face so we decided to meet I think at Kenny Rogers but I didn’t come due to something that I really can’t recall what it was so I basically cancelled last minute. No, it wasn’t that I chickened out okay 😅 I felt pity that Clarence drove all the way to KK hoping that he would get to see me but didn’t. I haven’t ask Clarence what he thought when he found out that I cancelled back then. I should ask him that hahaha!

So Esther and I decided to plan another meet up for a drinking sesh at KDCA on 30th May 2017 & that’s when we first met! He was looking casual with just plain tee and jeans, normal guy. We shooked hands and I sat beside him, he was shy and didn’t talk much at first. As we drink, beer after beer, I think then we started to talk a lot. I remembered that I even put my head on his shoulder, he put his hand on my back as we sang “Don’t Look Back in Anger” by Oasis out loud together! At that moment, I can sense that we’re going to have so many things in common and now that I know him more and better, we really do have a lot in common!

He was such a gentleman when I told him I was about to leave early that he accompanied me to meet my siblings. The next day, Esther told me that Clarence forgot to ask my number so she asked for my permission to give my number to him. I said yes then he texted me moments after that and that’s how we started our relationship.

Being in a relationship with Clarence has widened my horizon when it comes to love and relationship. I never thought that I could have this much fun being in a relationship. Although that we are in a long distant relationship, to some people it seemed hard to keep up but he makes whole lot easier that he is willing to meet me half way in everything! I thank God everyday that we’ve found each other.

Once again, happy monthsary mon amour & I can’t wait to meet you and be in your arms again cos there is where my home is.

I hope you guys enjoy this little story of mine and to those who still haven’t found your other half, please never stop praying for someone to love and keep looking. You may never know that he or she is just around the corner 😊


 Till next time, Jess x


A rant, the return of a missing blogger…

So yeah, I’m back after so long. The reason for the long hiatus is because I just can’t seem to find the muse to blog. It’s just that I’ve been so overwhelmed with the things that I do on a daily basis, work and other responsibilities until to a certain point, I honestly feel that blogging is just another “added burden” into my already busy life. I am occupied even during weekends cos since I am in a long distance relationship with Clarence, we only get to see each other and spend time together only on weekends. And when we are together, we are not on our phones all the time, what more with other devices.

I just need to voice out this thing that I’ve been keeping it in for so long and it is actually about moving out! I’ve been living with my parents for as long as I could remember. I never had the chance to live away from my parents even during my study years cos I was studying in a local private university. Well, I did stay away from my parents once but that was only for a short period of 4 months during my practical at Shangri-la Rasa Ria, Tuaran. Those 4 months of living out is actually one of times where I feel truly independent cos I can just go out whenever I want, going home how late and wake up early or late according to my own decision.

I’m so sure that there are times that all of us just wanted to sleep in, not caring what time do we wake up cos we are just so tired with work or life. But with me still living with my parents, I can’t just do that. My parents will definitely yelled at me for waking up so late in the day and start to tell the tale of teenage girls during their time and girls in this era and start yapping about how lazy the girls are these days that need the parents to wake them up instead the girls wake themselves. They just couldn’t fathom that I can get so mentally stressed from work at this young age and sleeping in is not an option. For them sleeping in is only for lazy people.

Now that my sister, Marsha has just recently left us to move to KL cos she got a new job there made me want to move out even more! Maybe not moving across the sea to KL but still within the KK radius. Her moving to KL for me is a brave act cos she herself has never live away from home before in her life and she has taken the bold step not to just move out from our parents house but to move to another state. I admire her boldness so much and now I want to follow her footsteps too.

As much as I want to move out so badly, my parents just won’t let me. I’ve actually discussed with them about my intention of moving out but they are just not keen of the idea of me having to spend extra money to pay for rent whereas they just prefer that I live with them forever or up until that I get married and to live with my husband. Being the eldest means nothing to them, basically. They have this mindset that I need to be protected at all times just because among my siblings, you could say that I am the most delicate, the most pampered one, the most soft hearted, soft spoken. But I know in their heart that they know I’m the sensible, more responsible and since my dad still works with the offshore industry, so I have to replace my dad when he’s at work to take up some of his responsibilities when he’s at work.




Wouldn’t it be nice to have a space that you call your own that you could decorate it according to your dream space? I’ve complaint to Clarence before that I want to move out but I guess he’s on my parents’ side on this one.

So what a good comeback, right? Sorry that it is more of a rant than a real content. I’ll be back with more real contents soon okay.


Jess x


July ’17 Goals

July, we are reunited at last!

Oh July, my favourite month, you are finally here! I love July because I’m a July baby. Hence, the serious love for this particular month! With that realization, I am hitting the 28 this year! How do I feel about adding another year into my life? Well, that’s for another blog post.

Since July is here, I want to make a good use out of all 31 days of them! I need my July to be a good bang as July don’t come very often. Therefore, starting July, I decided to make a list of small goals, which all these goals have very high success rate for me to achieve. This idea of creating list of small, achievable goals came when I was reading Brooke’s blog post, which really inspired me on putting my goals into words.


  • To be more diligent when it comes working at the office.
  • To wake up earlier than usual.
  • Need to do room cleaning once a week.
  • Get a tattoo before July ends.
  • To get the Haruki Murakami’s newly translated book “Men Without Women”, which I just found out it’s already in store here in Kota Kinabalu!


  • Start making real saving because I’m now in a serious relationship so most probably you’ll be hearing wedding bells in the near future. I need to get ready cos my wedding is going to be lit!
  • Less buying things that I don’t really need cos I don’t really need another nude lipstick nor nail polish but that can be a tough one!
  • Need to cut down my expenses to just the primary necessities like my phone bill, car fuel, student loan.
  • Not to overspend at Sandakan & Kuching!


  • Start running at least twice a week.
  • Doing some Freeletics when I’m not doing anything.
  • Need to hydrate even more!
  • Get more sleep. 


  • To at least blog once a week for the whole month.
  • Keep creating new content this month.
  • To finally post my new blog project/series.
  • Hopefully to finally get my own domain before July ends!

I hope I can achieve all the goals that I have for July 2017. My July is going to be pumpin’ and so hectic as I have so many travelling to do! I will be heading to Sandakan next week and on the 15th to the land of the feline *purrr*, Kuching Sarawak for the Rainforest World Music Festival 2017 with some of my girlfriends, mi hermano and for the first time ever, I am travelling with my boyfriend, Clarence. Never travelled with a boyfriend before so I am pretty excited to see how this trip will test our relationship.

I wish everybody to have a great month of July!

Until next post, Jess x

My Life in June ’17 – Monthly Recap

Hi guys, I decided to blog about a summary of my life monthly. I know it’s not really a new ‘eureka’ type of idea but I’m pretty sure all bloggers do this kind of post and yours truly here doesn’t want to miss out! It’s going to be my first monthly recap like ever and hopefully I will get to post this every month, together with another monthly project/series that I’m working on, which I’m very excited to finally post it up on this blog of mine. So keep an eye for this new project/series but for now, let’s move on to my 1st monthly recap.

June 2017 has been so good to me, I can’t thank God enough for the bountiful blessings that He has showered upon me. So many good things happened, not forgetting the bad ones but I shall focused on the good, momentous events that occurred.


  • Starting with June 1st, 1st ever dinner with the Curvy Runners. We have been planning for a dinner get-together for so long and finally, it happened. It was also our first debut as Curvy Runners, so we decided to celebrate with a good-wholesome dinner, “all you can eat” Korean BBQ. It was pretty cheap given that it is an “all you can eat” Korean BBQ whereby you can eat as much meat as you like. The place is called Seoul Garden and the food is AMAZING! One of the members of the Curvy Runners is also a fellow blogger and a bestie of mine, Fay! Shout out to her and please do check out her blog because it is awesome!

  • On June 3rd, enjoyed a whole day of island getaway to Sapi Island as a birthday present for my youngest sister, Jeniffer. It has been so long since her last island trip and since she is always jealous that I get to go to the island so much, I decided to bring her to the island together with our Mom and a cousin to just enjoy the beach, the island life that I love so much. After that particular trip, they know understand why I love going to islands and beaches.

  • I am a person that is so hard to surprise because I get to sniff information about any surprises for me except on June 6th. I got so surprised when a very dear friend of mine, Anasstasia, whom to me is like a “sister from another parents” surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of Lilies, it was sent to my office and I totally didn’t expect it.

  • June 7th is when I received my healthy food package from Signature Market and I did blog about it and you can read about it here.

  • On the 14th of June, I finally hit a milestone on this blog, which I have posted 10 blog posts. It’s a good thing that WordPress has this notification on all the milestones that you hit, which can actually encourage people to blog more.

  • I finally had a girls’s date with my soul sister, Anasstasia, the one who surprised me with the flowers! We went to watch Wonder Woman and it was so damn good! Gal Gadot is so beautiful and strong, she is so perfect to portray Wonder Woman! After the movie, we then had sushi at Sushi King. It was indeed a fun but chilled type of day.

  • June 17th, A VERY AUSPICIOUS DAY! It is the day that I finally became a girlfriend to someone so awesome that I love so much and his name is Clarence. I was contemplating and a tad bit hesitant whether I should announce and share the news here but since I’ve become more mature and responsible when it comes to the contents of my blog, so I was like just heck it as there will be posts that I have to mention him. I have yet to announce it on my other social media but I will probably do it soon or on our 1st monthsary. Let’s see how that goes.

  • On June 26th, there was a Family Day from my mom’s side, which my dad was the organizer. It was held at Dolime Recreation Park at Kg. Kibunut, Penampang. There’s a river there and too bad that I didn’t bring any spare change of clothes because the river is so clean that I saw so many small fishes swimming. I also drank too much alcohol that day and I got a bad hangover the day after.

  • On the last day of June, I donated blood for a colleague for her blood transfusion . It’s so sad to know that she hasn’t recover from her illness. I hope she continues to fight on and praying so that she will get better soon.

I know that July is going to treat me good because it is the month of my birthday! I have a few things lined up this July and I just cannot wait for my favourite month to come!

Till the next post, Jess x