‘The Workshop’ – Indulgence of Café Hoppin’ with Jess (KK City Series)

Hi guys! I’ve been having this idea of a project for a very long time, which is to do a monthly post dedicating to cafés that I’ve visited. Since I am a hardcore – everyday coffee drinker, this project is definitely a way for me to share my love for coffee as well as cool cafés in KK (Kota Kinabalu) that you can visit. Not forgetting to all you Instagrammers, the cafés that I shall be featuring in my blog series are all “Instagram-worthy”!
I’m posting the first entry to my monthly post of  “Indulgence of Cafe Hoppin’ with Jess (KK City Series)” this month as July is my favorite month! I know the name of this project is quite a mouthful to read but I feel that it suits the purpose behind this project of mine, which speaks about indulging coffee, the heavenly liquid and also me hopping café to café to be blogged about.

The café that I’m featuring in this month’s series is the The Workshop, located in Australia Lane, KK. The Workshop is exactly the opposite of SaltXPaper, one of my favourite stationary stores and a few steps from October Coffee House and Sharikat Biru-Biru! The exterior of The Workshop is very ‘hipsterly’ cool as there is a red bicycle hanging on the red-brick wall! Went there a few weeks ago with Clarence since I’ve always wanted to have a café date with my man. Surprisingly, he does know a thing or two about coffee as he used to work as a part-time barista during his university years!

I love the interior of The Workshop because of its high ceiling and even though the furnitures are not really matching with each other but I still find it very cohesive and it makes the cafe feels very cosy! The cement flooring, the mixture of red-brick and white walls give a ‘lofty’ vibe to the café, which I really love because I have such a huge thing for anything industrial looking interior!

I also love the contemperary chandelier in the middle of room, it completes the whole ‘lofty’ vibe that I mention earlier. Even the selections of arts are well thought of because they add colours and focus point on the wall; I was particularly intrigued by the ‘Wall of Doors’ because I never thought that doors can be used as art in such way.

There is also a counter, where you can sit as you watch your coffee is being prepared by the barista. Plenty of seating areas suit for 2 and even up to a group of 8 people.

Hey baby ❤️
The interior

The contemporary ‘industrial’ chandelier
The counter with bar stools

There is even an outdoor seating area at The Workshop and it looks so romantic at night because of the fairy lights surrounding the area.

The cafe also serves beers and other alcoholic drinks

Loving the fairy lights, so romantic!

The prices for the food and drinks are standard compared to other cafés that I’ve been to. The good thing about the café is that besides from cakes and desserts, there are also real food on the menu like burgers, salads if you are opted for a heavier meal. But Clarence and I ordered coffees and cakes because we were quite full at that time. Clarence ordered Mocha and a slice of ‘Sweet Dreams Baby’, a chocolate cake made of dark Belgian chocolate; I ordered Cappucino with extra shot because double shot is for the sissies and a slice of ‘Great Balls of Fire’, a three layered cheese cake with fruit and chocolate bits. Our drinks are delicious but the cakes unfortunately are not made by them as I’ve eaten cakes with the same taste from a different bakery in Lintas, which I need not to mention. It would be so good if the café bake their own cakes but probably they do not have the skills hence selling the marked-up price cakes.

Loving the black and white design of the menu

Clockwise: Mocha, Great Balls of Fire, Cappuccino with extra shot, Sweet Dreams Baby
Sweet Dreams Baby
Great Balls of Fire

I would say that I really like the ambience there, although it can be pretty crowded inside the cafe but I guess it’s because we went there on a Sunday. But if you prefer a little bit of privacy, go sit at the outdoor area as it will be less people there because people prefer sitting inside the café for the air-condition. The outdoor area is an open space with fans so you won’t get sweaty. The music selections are great too, Clarence and I were singing throughout the entire café date!

A selfie wouldn’t hurt, right? 😊

Can’t wait for my next café sesh and rest assured it will be a cool and exciting one too!

Till next post, Jess x


Signature Market – Healthy Food Haul

I’m now in the process of slowly getting back into the rhythm of eating healthy again. For that, I wanted to get some healthy ingredients for my meal prep as well as snacks for this whole new journey of mine. Recently, I found out 2 of my friends, Maslight and Delores bought their healthy snacks via online at Signature Market, an online Malaysian healthy food market and I thought I should try to purchase my healthy necessities there. So I did and after waiting for a week, my package has finally arrived!

There are a huge variety of healthy, organic snacks and ingredients available on the Signature Market’s website from nut mixes, organic products like Chia seed, Quinoa and also organic coffee & teas at a very affordable price! I bought my Chia seed for only RM10.00 and it’s 200gm! If you are interested, click the Signature Market’s website to check out the products in store. Right now there is a Ramadan sale happening and for your 1st purchase, the delivery charges will be FREE! Yes, FREE! Now who doesn’t like free delivery?!

Below are my purchases!

1. Raw Almond

I’ve been wanting to try to make my own Almond milk, hence for this purchase. But if I decided not to make my own Almond milk, I can just roast it up a bit and become yummy snacks!

2. Healthy Nut Mix

In this small little packet consist of mixture if nuts such as Almond, Cashew, Pecan, Hazelnut and Peanut! All the yummy nuts, mixed together!

3. Organic Oat

Honestly, I’m not much of a fan of oats but I’ve made overnight oats before and they tasted so much better; well at least they tasted tolerable than having oats with just plain water or milk. Next 2 items that I bought have something to do with my upgraded overnight oat recipes, which I can’t wait to make!

3. Antioxidant Boost

The benefits of antioxidants are super important to good health because it fights off ageing and helps in making your skin looks youthful, not forgetting it can increase your immune system. This packet consists of dried Apricots, dried Cranberries, dried Wolfberries and dried Blackcurrants. I’ve never heard nor tried Wolfberries before so I’m looking forward to that.

4. Cranberry Blackcurrant Mix

Well, the name of the package says it all about the content. I LOVE CRANBERRIES THAT’S WHY I GOT IT! The reason why I bought 2 products with Cranberries in them! Cranberries taste really good in overnight oats!

Now 2 of my last packs..

4. Chia Seed

Chia seed is one of the popular SUPERFOODS! Chia seed really packs a punch in its benefits from promoting healthy skin, reducing signs of aging, improves the digestive system and the most intrigued benefit of all for me is it helps in weight lost and increase the metabolism rate! 

The way I consume my Chia seed is that I put in anything that I drink, I even put it into my drinking water. It’s fun to watch the seed turns and looking similarly like frog eggs!

There you go, my healthy food haul! For more information on Signature Market, you can either visit their website or Instagram account.

I hope my eagerness to improve my health is here to stay! I still have half a year to reach my goal in losing weight this year! Wish me luck please 😊 

I shall post up my overnight oats recipes but that’s for another post in the future! 

Till then, Jess x

Ps: This is not a sponsored post. However, I’d welcome if anyone would want to do collabs, sponsored contents, etc.

The Gaon – Korean Restaurant

So a few weeks ago, Fay and I decided to meet up after work and we went to Imago Mall Kota Kinabalu for a catch-up and bikini hunting since our beach retreat is coming soon (watch out for that post)! After the unsuccessful hunt, we were pretty hungry so we decided to have dinner at this new Korean restaurant called The Gaon, all thanks to Maslight post and recommendation on this restaurant on her Instagram post. This restaurant is located in Imago Mall Kota Kinabalu and actually situated above Souled Out.

When we first walked in, the restaurant looked très chic but very comfortable at the same time. The space was decorated minimally and there are also a few private rooms located at one side of the restaurant suitable for private events, luncheon, that sort of thing. I was looking from the main dining area, I could see that the private dining rooms has a huge glass window; rooms with view, what’s not to like! I would say that the restaurant is quite huge and spacious, so it is has that private feel that you could bring your mate, spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend to go for a little romantic meal.

The restaurant offers quite a variety of authentic Korean meals from Kimchi JJigae, Sundubu JJigae, Bibimbap to Korean barbeque. Being so indecisive as always, I couldn’t decide on what to eat. So in the end, I opt for Bibimbap because you can never go wrong with Bibimbap. Fay ordered the same thing and we collectively agreed to include Sundubu JJigae with beef in our order since we wanted something soupy, which in fact these two dishes are actually our fave Korean dishes.

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All the elements in the Bibimbap were well seasoned, the Sundubu JJigae was not salty cos I have tried Sundubu JJigae elsewhere and this meal can be quite salty. All in all, I enjoyed our little din-din here.

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Until next time, Jess x