‘The Workshop’ – Indulgence of Café Hoppin’ with Jess (KK City Series)

Hi guys! I’ve been having this idea of a project for a very long time, which is to do a monthly post dedicating to cafés that I’ve visited. Since I am a hardcore – everyday coffee drinker, this project is definitely a way for me to share my love for coffee as well as cool cafés in KK (Kota Kinabalu) that you can visit. Not forgetting to all you Instagrammers, the cafés that I shall be featuring in my blog series are all “Instagram-worthy”!
I’m posting the first entry to my monthly post of  “Indulgence of Cafe Hoppin’ with Jess (KK City Series)” this month as July is my favorite month! I know the name of this project is quite a mouthful to read but I feel that it suits the purpose behind this project of mine, which speaks about indulging coffee, the heavenly liquid and also me hopping café to café to be blogged about.

The café that I’m featuring in this month’s series is the The Workshop, located in Australia Lane, KK. The Workshop is exactly the opposite of SaltXPaper, one of my favourite stationary stores and a few steps from October Coffee House and Sharikat Biru-Biru! The exterior of The Workshop is very ‘hipsterly’ cool as there is a red bicycle hanging on the red-brick wall! Went there a few weeks ago with Clarence since I’ve always wanted to have a café date with my man. Surprisingly, he does know a thing or two about coffee as he used to work as a part-time barista during his university years!

I love the interior of The Workshop because of its high ceiling and even though the furnitures are not really matching with each other but I still find it very cohesive and it makes the cafe feels very cosy! The cement flooring, the mixture of red-brick and white walls give a ‘lofty’ vibe to the café, which I really love because I have such a huge thing for anything industrial looking interior!

I also love the contemperary chandelier in the middle of room, it completes the whole ‘lofty’ vibe that I mention earlier. Even the selections of arts are well thought of because they add colours and focus point on the wall; I was particularly intrigued by the ‘Wall of Doors’ because I never thought that doors can be used as art in such way.

There is also a counter, where you can sit as you watch your coffee is being prepared by the barista. Plenty of seating areas suit for 2 and even up to a group of 8 people.

Hey baby ❤️
The interior

The contemporary ‘industrial’ chandelier
The counter with bar stools

There is even an outdoor seating area at The Workshop and it looks so romantic at night because of the fairy lights surrounding the area.

The cafe also serves beers and other alcoholic drinks

Loving the fairy lights, so romantic!

The prices for the food and drinks are standard compared to other cafés that I’ve been to. The good thing about the café is that besides from cakes and desserts, there are also real food on the menu like burgers, salads if you are opted for a heavier meal. But Clarence and I ordered coffees and cakes because we were quite full at that time. Clarence ordered Mocha and a slice of ‘Sweet Dreams Baby’, a chocolate cake made of dark Belgian chocolate; I ordered Cappucino with extra shot because double shot is for the sissies and a slice of ‘Great Balls of Fire’, a three layered cheese cake with fruit and chocolate bits. Our drinks are delicious but the cakes unfortunately are not made by them as I’ve eaten cakes with the same taste from a different bakery in Lintas, which I need not to mention. It would be so good if the café bake their own cakes but probably they do not have the skills hence selling the marked-up price cakes.

Loving the black and white design of the menu


Clockwise: Mocha, Great Balls of Fire, Cappuccino with extra shot, Sweet Dreams Baby
Sweet Dreams Baby
Great Balls of Fire

I would say that I really like the ambience there, although it can be pretty crowded inside the cafe but I guess it’s because we went there on a Sunday. But if you prefer a little bit of privacy, go sit at the outdoor area as it will be less people there because people prefer sitting inside the café for the air-condition. The outdoor area is an open space with fans so you won’t get sweaty. The music selections are great too, Clarence and I were singing throughout the entire café date!

A selfie wouldn’t hurt, right? 😊

Can’t wait for my next café sesh and rest assured it will be a cool and exciting one too!

Till next post, Jess x


July ’17 Goals

July, we are reunited at last!

Oh July, my favourite month, you are finally here! I love July because I’m a July baby. Hence, the serious love for this particular month! With that realization, I am hitting the 28 this year! How do I feel about adding another year into my life? Well, that’s for another blog post.

Since July is here, I want to make a good use out of all 31 days of them! I need my July to be a good bang as July don’t come very often. Therefore, starting July, I decided to make a list of small goals, which all these goals have very high success rate for me to achieve. This idea of creating list of small, achievable goals came when I was reading Brooke’s blog post, which really inspired me on putting my goals into words.


  • To be more diligent when it comes working at the office.
  • To wake up earlier than usual.
  • Need to do room cleaning once a week.
  • Get a tattoo before July ends.
  • To get the Haruki Murakami’s newly translated book “Men Without Women”, which I just found out it’s already in store here in Kota Kinabalu!


  • Start making real saving because I’m now in a serious relationship so most probably you’ll be hearing wedding bells in the near future. I need to get ready cos my wedding is going to be lit!
  • Less buying things that I don’t really need cos I don’t really need another nude lipstick nor nail polish but that can be a tough one!
  • Need to cut down my expenses to just the primary necessities like my phone bill, car fuel, student loan.
  • Not to overspend at Sandakan & Kuching!


  • Start running at least twice a week.
  • Doing some Freeletics when I’m not doing anything.
  • Need to hydrate even more!
  • Get more sleep. 


  • To at least blog once a week for the whole month.
  • Keep creating new content this month.
  • To finally post my new blog project/series.
  • Hopefully to finally get my own domain before July ends!

I hope I can achieve all the goals that I have for July 2017. My July is going to be pumpin’ and so hectic as I have so many travelling to do! I will be heading to Sandakan next week and on the 15th to the land of the feline *purrr*, Kuching Sarawak for the Rainforest World Music Festival 2017 with some of my girlfriends, mi hermano and for the first time ever, I am travelling with my boyfriend, Clarence. Never travelled with a boyfriend before so I am pretty excited to see how this trip will test our relationship.

I wish everybody to have a great month of July!

Until next post, Jess x

My Life in June ’17 – Monthly Recap

Hi guys, I decided to blog about a summary of my life monthly. I know it’s not really a new ‘eureka’ type of idea but I’m pretty sure all bloggers do this kind of post and yours truly here doesn’t want to miss out! It’s going to be my first monthly recap like ever and hopefully I will get to post this every month, together with another monthly project/series that I’m working on, which I’m very excited to finally post it up on this blog of mine. So keep an eye for this new project/series but for now, let’s move on to my 1st monthly recap.

June 2017 has been so good to me, I can’t thank God enough for the bountiful blessings that He has showered upon me. So many good things happened, not forgetting the bad ones but I shall focused on the good, momentous events that occurred.


  • Starting with June 1st, 1st ever dinner with the Curvy Runners. We have been planning for a dinner get-together for so long and finally, it happened. It was also our first debut as Curvy Runners, so we decided to celebrate with a good-wholesome dinner, “all you can eat” Korean BBQ. It was pretty cheap given that it is an “all you can eat” Korean BBQ whereby you can eat as much meat as you like. The place is called Seoul Garden and the food is AMAZING! One of the members of the Curvy Runners is also a fellow blogger and a bestie of mine, Fay! Shout out to her and please do check out her blog because it is awesome!

  • On June 3rd, enjoyed a whole day of island getaway to Sapi Island as a birthday present for my youngest sister, Jeniffer. It has been so long since her last island trip and since she is always jealous that I get to go to the island so much, I decided to bring her to the island together with our Mom and a cousin to just enjoy the beach, the island life that I love so much. After that particular trip, they know understand why I love going to islands and beaches.

  • I am a person that is so hard to surprise because I get to sniff information about any surprises for me except on June 6th. I got so surprised when a very dear friend of mine, Anasstasia, whom to me is like a “sister from another parents” surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of Lilies, it was sent to my office and I totally didn’t expect it.

  • June 7th is when I received my healthy food package from Signature Market and I did blog about it and you can read about it here.

  • On the 14th of June, I finally hit a milestone on this blog, which I have posted 10 blog posts. It’s a good thing that WordPress has this notification on all the milestones that you hit, which can actually encourage people to blog more.

  • I finally had a girls’s date with my soul sister, Anasstasia, the one who surprised me with the flowers! We went to watch Wonder Woman and it was so damn good! Gal Gadot is so beautiful and strong, she is so perfect to portray Wonder Woman! After the movie, we then had sushi at Sushi King. It was indeed a fun but chilled type of day.

  • June 17th, A VERY AUSPICIOUS DAY! It is the day that I finally became a girlfriend to someone so awesome that I love so much and his name is Clarence. I was contemplating and a tad bit hesitant whether I should announce and share the news here but since I’ve become more mature and responsible when it comes to the contents of my blog, so I was like just heck it as there will be posts that I have to mention him. I have yet to announce it on my other social media but I will probably do it soon or on our 1st monthsary. Let’s see how that goes.

  • On June 26th, there was a Family Day from my mom’s side, which my dad was the organizer. It was held at Dolime Recreation Park at Kg. Kibunut, Penampang. There’s a river there and too bad that I didn’t bring any spare change of clothes because the river is so clean that I saw so many small fishes swimming. I also drank too much alcohol that day and I got a bad hangover the day after.

  • On the last day of June, I donated blood for a colleague for her blood transfusion . It’s so sad to know that she hasn’t recover from her illness. I hope she continues to fight on and praying so that she will get better soon.

I know that July is going to treat me good because it is the month of my birthday! I have a few things lined up this July and I just cannot wait for my favourite month to come!

Till the next post, Jess x

Signature Market – Healthy Food Haul

I’m now in the process of slowly getting back into the rhythm of eating healthy again. For that, I wanted to get some healthy ingredients for my meal prep as well as snacks for this whole new journey of mine. Recently, I found out 2 of my friends, Maslight and Delores bought their healthy snacks via online at Signature Market, an online Malaysian healthy food market and I thought I should try to purchase my healthy necessities there. So I did and after waiting for a week, my package has finally arrived!

There are a huge variety of healthy, organic snacks and ingredients available on the Signature Market’s website from nut mixes, organic products like Chia seed, Quinoa and also organic coffee & teas at a very affordable price! I bought my Chia seed for only RM10.00 and it’s 200gm! If you are interested, click the Signature Market’s website to check out the products in store. Right now there is a Ramadan sale happening and for your 1st purchase, the delivery charges will be FREE! Yes, FREE! Now who doesn’t like free delivery?!

Below are my purchases!

1. Raw Almond

I’ve been wanting to try to make my own Almond milk, hence for this purchase. But if I decided not to make my own Almond milk, I can just roast it up a bit and become yummy snacks!

2. Healthy Nut Mix

In this small little packet consist of mixture if nuts such as Almond, Cashew, Pecan, Hazelnut and Peanut! All the yummy nuts, mixed together!

3. Organic Oat

Honestly, I’m not much of a fan of oats but I’ve made overnight oats before and they tasted so much better; well at least they tasted tolerable than having oats with just plain water or milk. Next 2 items that I bought have something to do with my upgraded overnight oat recipes, which I can’t wait to make!

3. Antioxidant Boost

The benefits of antioxidants are super important to good health because it fights off ageing and helps in making your skin looks youthful, not forgetting it can increase your immune system. This packet consists of dried Apricots, dried Cranberries, dried Wolfberries and dried Blackcurrants. I’ve never heard nor tried Wolfberries before so I’m looking forward to that.

4. Cranberry Blackcurrant Mix

Well, the name of the package says it all about the content. I LOVE CRANBERRIES THAT’S WHY I GOT IT! The reason why I bought 2 products with Cranberries in them! Cranberries taste really good in overnight oats!

Now 2 of my last packs..

4. Chia Seed

Chia seed is one of the popular SUPERFOODS! Chia seed really packs a punch in its benefits from promoting healthy skin, reducing signs of aging, improves the digestive system and the most intrigued benefit of all for me is it helps in weight lost and increase the metabolism rate! 

The way I consume my Chia seed is that I put in anything that I drink, I even put it into my drinking water. It’s fun to watch the seed turns and looking similarly like frog eggs!

There you go, my healthy food haul! For more information on Signature Market, you can either visit their website or Instagram account.

I hope my eagerness to improve my health is here to stay! I still have half a year to reach my goal in losing weight this year! Wish me luck please 😊 

I shall post up my overnight oats recipes but that’s for another post in the future! 

Till then, Jess x

Ps: This is not a sponsored post. However, I’d welcome if anyone would want to do collabs, sponsored contents, etc.

Send me Nudes!

No pun intended people but by all means, it has been for quite awhile now that I’ve been obsessing over all things nude, the shade I mean and it’s kind of reaching to a new height lately. It was when Kim Kardashian started this whole ‘nude color scheme’ craze a few years ago that it got me hooked cos I’m all about her, like literally whatever Kim does, I’m all aboard. But for whatever reasons, I’m certain that my love for nudes isn’t going to go away anytime soon. That’s why for this blog post I decided to show you a few of my recent purchase that happen to be all in the nude shades. Enjoy!

This one is the nudest color that I own! It’s the Sephora’s line of nail polish in the shade of Camel Trekking which only cost me RM11.90 cos there was Sephora’s Black Card sale. I love the color very much & I get quite a few attentions on where did I buy the nail color polish!

Another nail polish, this one is Catrice’s Luxe Nudes nail polish in the shade of 14 Crème de la Crème that has a little purple undertone. It amazes me that it only cost me RM10.00, probably because it was on sale and bought 2 together with another dark purple-ish color. You can get Cartrice products in Guardian.

From nail polishes, let’s move on to makeup, shall we? 😄

This one is the newest addition to my collection of nude colour lipsticks. It’s the In2It Liquid Matte Lip Cream in the shade of 02 ritzy. I don’t really know what ritzy means but it’s pretty catchy. It has a little orangey shade when I put it on my lips and this lip cream stays the longest compared to my other matte lip cream.

My most favourite lip cream of all, it’s the Kat Von D’s Everlasting Liquid Lipstick which cost me a hefty amount of RM99.00! It’s in the shade of Lolita II and this shade is among its bestsellers! I know you may think that I spent too much on a lip cream but so you know, a girl should splurge once in awhile. So girls, it’s okay to reward yourself to remain sane! 😉

I’m pretty sure for those who love liquid lipstick, they will definitely have NYX’s product. It’s the  NYX Liquid Suede in shade No. 04 and this is actually a pre-loved but before you feel all-grossed out, I bought it from my bestie of mine from work, Diana whom shares the love of lipstick with yours truly here. I actually bought it before this line came into retail in Sabah. Your girl here likes to be up to date as this is one of my favorite brand for liquid lipstick 😆

Another NYX’s product here, it’s the Soft Matte Lip Cream in the shade of Stockholm. When I wanted to channel my inner Kim Kardashian, this is the lip cream that I would go to! NYX’s product is very affordable given that this is an American brand.

Lastly, from makeup, the last item is…


Yes, a nude shade bikini 👙

Well, it has this orangey shade to it but to me it’s still a nude shade which I love it sooo much! I wore it last Saturday to Sapi Island and I feel muy caliente in it 🔥

I got it from Cotton On, which was on sale at RM30. When I saw it on the rack, I know I have to get this baby! 😝

I hope you guys enjoyed this short post of mine on my favourite colour/shade as much as I enjoyed putting this post together. So maybe I should produce more posts like this, yes?

Till next post, Jess x

My 8 Steps of Korean Skincare Night Routine

Hey guys! How is everybody? I cannot believe how fast time flies and now we’re in the month of May. Happy Wesak day to everybody that celebrates this auspicious day and happy birthday to Siddhartha Gautama!

To be honest, I am not keen of anything Korean, the K-Pop craze, K-Drama, K-Film but with the exception of Korean food (I LOVE Bibimbap!) and of course, the flawless and dewy skin that these Korean women have. I always wonder how they have their perfect skin and I discovered that Korean skincare product is actually so innovative and they are now taking over the beauty and skincare world and yours truly here has become so obsessed! From knowing absolutamente nada about Korean skincare routine to become semi-pro in explaining or should I say “encouraging” my friends to get into the Korean beauty craze bandwagon with me.

Before I started this Korean skincare journey, the only thing that I did is to just wash my face with a normal face cleanser that I just got from Watson or Guardian and that is exactly the only skincare routine that I ever did, every single day. But that totally changed when I met a friend of mine whom is now one of my closest friends at work, Diana and her skin is absolutely amazing and so close to the flawlessness similar to the skin of Korean women.

The normal Korean skincare normally has 10 to 12 steps to it, depending whether it’s for day or night routine. Yes my friend, you read it correctly, 10 TO 11 STEPS! I’m pretty sure that you would think  the number of steps in a Korean skincare routine is too much, which I personally agree when I first found out about the 10 steps but as I was doing my own research time after time, I really think that each of the steps actually has their own benefits that can really do wonders to your skin if you do all the steps mentioned. You have to put more effort into your skin to get the best result, am I right? 🙂

Taken from the book The Little Book of Skincare: Korean Beauty Secrets for Healthy Glowing Skin by Charlotte Cho, co-founder of Sokoglam

In this particular post, I will only be focusing on the night routine. Hence, the title. Before I get into more in depth of my skincare, let me just briefly share what is my skin situation. So, I have combination and acne-prone skin whereby I can get pretty oily in my T-Zone area and I break out quite easily especially if I get really lazy to clean my face from all the make-up that I have on.

For the time being, my personal Korean Skincare night routine consists of 8 steps but it can also be 6 steps because there are 2 steps that I don’t normally do on a daily basis. However, I will still be explaining all 8 steps because it’s good to remind myself why I do all the steps and probably this post will actually help you to understand more about the beauty of Korean skincare routine and to also probably inspire you to get into this craze with me.

Without further a due, let’s go to it!


I. Make-up Remover

Double cleansing is basically washing off the impurities from your face, 2 times. The first step that I do is to take of the make-up from my face and for that, I am using an oil based cleanser. Koreans are obsessed with oil based cleanser because it helps in melting the make-up by just massage it onto the face, you don’t even have to put so much pressure and roughly rubbing your lids to rub that eyeliner off.

I am using a Korean cult favorite oil cleanser, Banilo Co Clean It Zero Original. This product is so amazing! I got it because I read so many good reviews about it and Youtuber Morgan from Beauty Breakdown said that this is her favorite oil cleanser. If you have oily skin, don’t be afraid of using this product because actually by incorporating oil-based product into your skincare routine actually helps to regulate the amount of natural oil / sebum production.

My tips: Use warm water to cleanse off the oil-based makeup remover as warm water helps in melting off the product and also to open up your pores for the next step.

II. Water Based Cleanser

For step 2, I use the water based cleanser to rinse-off the oil and make-up residue and my go-to water based cleanser that I use at night is the Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Cleansing Foam. The Innisfree brand is actually well-known for their skincare line because the ingredients for all of their products are all natural and high quality originated from the island of Jeju. What I love about this product is that, it contains tiny bits of volcanic clay whereby clay helps to absorb excess oil/sebum.

Korean fact: Do you know Koreans only use their middle and ring fingers to message the foam onto their faces? They believe that it will decrease the amount of pressure they put their face as too much pressure could cause their face to sag and to loose the skin’s elasticity.

My tips: Do this step at the very last of your shower / bath time because you need to use the toner immediately right after shower.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

III. Exfoliation

This is one of the step that I don’t do everyday, with a reason. It’s actually not recommended to exfoliate your skin especially the face area because it can inflammation and worst, dehydration. Prolonged dehydration can cause the very-dreaded wrinkles.

The exfoliator that I used is the coffee scrub that I have blogged about it, which you can read about it out here. I love that scrub as it does not dehydrate my skin and the price is affordable. I exfoliate 3 times a week, particularly on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

IV. Toner

Many people may think that toner is a product that just tone up the face. Well that’s actually really not the case. In Korean skincare’s terminology, toner is actually to be applied to get rid of pollutants or cleanser residue that you still might have after cleansing your face. Besides that, the most important reason for you to apply toner is that it actually balances out the PH level of your skin and this allows your skin to prepare itself to absorb the other products that you have after this step.

The one that I’m using is the Mamonde Rose Water Toner and what I like about this product is that it contains 90.89% of rose water, it has this really nice and soothing scent of rose and the scent is the original scent of rose! I just pour out a dime size of product into my palm and pat the product onto my face, I do this 5 times per go until I achieve a Mochi – kind of bounce for my face.

Korean Facts: Do you know that Koreans actually pats their toner at least 7 times onto their face?

My tips: Don’t dry your face with a towel when you’re just finished with your shower. Pat your face until semi-dry then you pat the toner onto your face!


Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

V. Essence

Essence is one of my favourites in this whole steps of skincare because it really does work! That SK-II line, yes they are essences! And to most Koreans, essence is equivalent to the heart of their skincare regime, it is that vital to have it in your skincare! Essence actually has a double purposes which acts as a toner but at the same time it has this serum hybrid that helps in repairing your skin and to boost your skin cell turnover rate that makes your skin to look brighter and smoother.

I am using the Missha First Treatment Essence, which popularly known as SK-II dupe. I JUST CANNOT SKIP THIS EVERYDAY! Similarly to toner, I pour a dime size of this heavenly essence and just pat lightly to my face but I only do it 2 times as it contains active fermented ingredients.

My tips: Quickly pat this item onto your face as leave it too long on your face may cause reddening.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

VI. Serum / Ampoules / Boosters

Serums, ampoules and boosters are products that contain a more concentrated essence that aids your skin to combat more concerning issues that you have about your skin such as pigmentation, wrinkles whereby in my case are pore-refining and acne. Since I have oily T-Zone, it makes my pores around that area to be a little more visible than other part of my face. I wouldn’t say I have a serious acne condition but I get break out easily even though it’s not the time “of the month”.

The serum that I’m using is an oil-based serum, Garden of Eden Primrose E. I know you might question me why do I use oil-based serum even though I have oily T-Zone, but I learned from a beauty guru Gothamista on Youtube that oils are really good for your skin  because it contains anti-oxidant, nutritiens and vitamins that nourish the skin and even heal the skin deeply when applied but if you use the wrong ones for your skin type, the oil can betray you and your skin, brutally! I only use 3 droplets of oil and massage the oil onto my skin until it is fully absorbed. The good thing about this product is that it doesn’t leave any greasy feeling on my hand and on my face and I realized that the next morning, my T-zone is not oily AT ALL!

This is the only non-Korean product I use in this Korean Skincare routine and it’s surprisingly cheap that cost me RM49.00, it can be purchased in your nearest drugstores Watson and Guardian.

My tips: Massage in circular motion on your face and to know what oil is suitable for your skin type, go to Gothamista’s Youtube channel and check out the video on Face Oils.

Processed with VSCO with f2 presetProcessed with VSCO with f2 preset

VII. Sheet Mask

Sheet masks, how I love thee! The beauty of sheet mask is that it forces your skin to absorb the goodness from the sheet mask and you can totally see and feel the difference after leaving it on your face for 15-20 minutes. What I love about sheet mask is that it allows you to just relax and when I put my sheet mask on, I am on full Zen-mode! I don’t do this everyday, it’s a 2 times per week thing for me or just once a week depending on whether I have sheet masks in stock in my vanity. Bought these 2 sheet mask on a sale for RM5.00 for 2 at Watson 😛

It is also an Instagram-worthy selfie since your girl here is obsessed with Instagram!

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

VIII. Sleeping Mask

Reaching to this point, I already have the shiny glow on my skin, Koreans call it ‘Dewy’. The purpose of this final step is to keep your skin to stay hydrated as you are sleeping. The product that I’m using is none other than La Soul Diamond Sleeping Mask. I put it all over my face and my skin absorb the product quite quickly an it doesn’t leave any stickiness.


There you go, my 8 step of Korean skincare routine! Intimidating, much? This whole routine only takes about 10-15 minutes, 30 minutes top if I have my sheet mask on and that’s it. I find it relaxing and therapeutic that I’m actually doing something good to my face and to my skin, you need to take some time to pamper yourself and I am doing it everyday! The reality is that, I do want to look youthful even when I’m old and the only thing I can do is to put extra time and effort into taking care of my skin.

If you would like to know more about Korean skincare routine and Korean Skincare product, please feel free to check out the links below as these people are my gurus and I can totally rely on them and the information that they impart.

  1. Gothamista’s Youtube channel
  2. Morgan from Beauty Breakdown Youtube channel
  3. Joan Kim’s Youtube channel
  4. Glow Recipe’s blog

I purchased all my Korean skincare products on Hermo where you can get all of the major Korean and Japanese brands and also the drug store brands like Maybelline, Lo’real and others. And a major and big shout out to Major-B, a local tiny store located in Damai where you can just go to the shop and they also have an online store where you can check what products they have in stock before you go to the store. All the products sold in the store are bought directly from Korea by the owner of Major-B herself, she is now living both in Kota Kinabalu and also Korea and she even has a Korean boyfriend! All the products are actually affordable given that all of them are authentic Korean brands.

It’s a really long post and give yourself a pat if you read this until the end and I hope by reading this post, you will have some knowledge on Korean skincare routine and how good it is to your skin that makes you get excited to love your skin more that you want to work on your skin even more than your current skincare routine!

Until next post and Annyoung!


Disclaimer: This post is nowhere a sponsored post by any brands mentioned. However, I am up for any collaborations 🙂

The Gaon – Korean Restaurant

So a few weeks ago, Fay and I decided to meet up after work and we went to Imago Mall Kota Kinabalu for a catch-up and bikini hunting since our beach retreat is coming soon (watch out for that post)! After the unsuccessful hunt, we were pretty hungry so we decided to have dinner at this new Korean restaurant called The Gaon, all thanks to Maslight post and recommendation on this restaurant on her Instagram post. This restaurant is located in Imago Mall Kota Kinabalu and actually situated above Souled Out.

When we first walked in, the restaurant looked très chic but very comfortable at the same time. The space was decorated minimally and there are also a few private rooms located at one side of the restaurant suitable for private events, luncheon, that sort of thing. I was looking from the main dining area, I could see that the private dining rooms has a huge glass window; rooms with view, what’s not to like! I would say that the restaurant is quite huge and spacious, so it is has that private feel that you could bring your mate, spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend to go for a little romantic meal.

The restaurant offers quite a variety of authentic Korean meals from Kimchi JJigae, Sundubu JJigae, Bibimbap to Korean barbeque. Being so indecisive as always, I couldn’t decide on what to eat. So in the end, I opt for Bibimbap because you can never go wrong with Bibimbap. Fay ordered the same thing and we collectively agreed to include Sundubu JJigae with beef in our order since we wanted something soupy, which in fact these two dishes are actually our fave Korean dishes.

Processed with VSCO with 4 preset

Processed with VSCO with m3 preset

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

All the elements in the Bibimbap were well seasoned, the Sundubu JJigae was not salty cos I have tried Sundubu JJigae elsewhere and this meal can be quite salty. All in all, I enjoyed our little din-din here.

Processed with VSCO with lv01 preset

Processed with VSCO with lv01 preset

Until next time, Jess x