A new journey…

*takes a deep breath* So here goes..

Hi there and welcome to this humble blog of mine. I believe that first step is the toughest for anything, including to figure out what I wanted to start things off with this blog. I guess I should share what’s up with the decision to create this new blog whereas I already have one in the first place. Well, after a deep thought with heavy consideration and not forgetting endless mugs of coffee, I have decided to have a new blog and with a very heavy heart, I will be abandoning the old one that I have circa 2009.

This decision was indeed a very hard one for me to make as I am a type of person that is easily attach my feelings or emotions with lifeless things, and indeed the old blog definitely has a special place in my heart. The intention to have a new blog has long been lingering since last year and the reason for that is I have lost the excitement in blogging and I believe blogging to the old blog is one of the main reasons that caused that excitement to dim itself. It’s not that I want to point fingers and find anything to put the blame but I guess I just want to keep myself away from the many fond memories that have turned to bad remembrance that I have shared on that blog. I just can’t make myself to delete those posts as they were writings that were honest and emotional, especially posts that are related to my ex. I know this reason might seemed a little dramatic to some people cos yeah those are just postings but to me, they were more than that, they were my heart-pours.

Another reason that also highly affects the decision to have a new blog is because I am now more interested to produce more “mature” contents and the future planning for my blog is  to get its own domain and maybe its own hosting in much later future. If I still continue to post for the old blog, it would not have the vibe that I wanted as the old blog contains all my immature rants in my teen years about hating school, the “I can’t wait to graduate so that I can work and get my own money” type of posts, which irks me but at the same time enjoyable to read and reminisce cos I can’t believe that I was such a dramatic bitch.

So those are the main reasons for this new voyage. I hope that my writing muse will come back strong as I do not want this passion of mine to be M.I.A again and hopefully I can keep up and maintain this blog much better than the old one. x



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